Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little Ones

Since I haven't had much opportunity to photography younger children. And since I hadn't seen my cousin Amy and her family in quite some time, I had asked her if I could photograph her boys. Both boys are so sweet and have the prettiest eyes. We tried to get a few Easter-type photos -- her oldest son had more fun throwing the eggs. It was great catching up with family and learned a lot of about photographing younger children. It isn't easy.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back at Blogging

I've completely neglected my blog over the last several months. I've also neglected my photography. Now that it is spring out, there should be plenty of time for photo events. Until I've got new photos to show, I'll share some photos from recent events.

On Thursday my daughter's class had an art show. Her teacher had the kids learn about different types of art and then each child made several pieces of art.

After the art show, our elementary school had a Community Open House. Due to budget cuts, the school district is restructuring. Our school is being closed after this school year. This was a time that the community could come and remember the elementary school. We had cake, the class rooms were open with the teachers around to chat to, and the special choir sang in the gym. Special t-shirts were made to remember the school. It was an awesome event. "Once a husky, always a husky."

Plus our principal is retiring -- we will truly miss Mr. Christman.

More photos can be seen here.